We love our consignees!!

Most of our consignees were shoppers first! Shop a Your Turn sale and you'll quickly learn how much you love the second-hand experience and how much fun it is to be a part of the team!

We have created a tagging guideline which is found below. Common supplies that you will need include:
• 65# white cardstock (for printing your tags)
• Safety pins
• Hangers (will stay with garment, please see tagging guideline for sizes needed)
• Ziplock bags
• Clear packing tape
• Zip ties or ribbon

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Become a consignor

Tagging Guidelines

Please review our tagging guidelines prior to entering your items.

We require that all price tags are printed on white cardstock.

Items that smell like smoke will be rejected. Please see additional information in the tagging guidelines document below.

Tagging Guidelines

Pricing Suggestions

Our most frequent feedback from customers is that items are priced too high.

Please read our pricing suggestions prior to pricing your items. We want to help you SELL your items!

Pricing Suggestions


Need a quick answer? You're at the right place! Get answers to our common questions below.

  • How do I get paid?

    You will receive a check via the email that you provide at check in.  Checks are typically received 1-2 weeks after the sale is concluded.

  • What if my items don't sell?

    At the conclusion of the sale, all items are sorted and organized for super easy, fast pick up!  We recommend bringing totes/boxes to carry your items out.  Please refer to your sale’s schedule to get specific pick-up times.

  • How much does Your Turn keep?

    You will earn 40-60% on the sale of your items!  Remember, the key is finding the right price point.  We suggest pricing your items at least 1/2 of retail price. Fee goes to Your Turn to cover costs of facility rental, equipment, internal labor, licenses, insurance, taxes, etc.

  • How much money do I make if I work a sale?

    At this time, Your Turn is currently not hiring.

  • Can I sell anything I want?

    Unfortunately, no.  Please see our list of Unaccepted/Prohibited Items here. We also inspect items when you drop them off at the sale before we place them out on the sales floor.  We reserve the right to pull any item if we do not feel it meets Your Turn’s standard.

  • What if my item is rejected?

    During the inspection process at the time of drop off, items that do not pass inspection will be pulled and you will be able to take these items with you.

    We may also pull items during the sale if we find there are missing pieces, missing tags, or do not pass our requirements.  We will place these items aside for you to pick up at the consignor pick up time.

  • How do I drop off items?

    For each sale, we use a sign up system via Eventbrite.com.  You will select a time for drop off that is listed on the site.

  • What if I don't have transportation?

    Currently, we do not offer pick-up/drop off for your items.  You are responsible for dropping off items and picking them up during listed hours.  Items not yet picked up after the end of sale’s specific pick-up time, will be donated.

  • What if I no longer want to sell an item?

    You are welcome to come to the sale and pull the item.  You will need to confirm you are the consignee and provide identification.  You can also email us at contact@yourturnsale.com and provide us the best description of the item.   If the item has not sold, we will move the item to Your Turn’s designated “pulled” area once we confirm it is the correct item. You will then be able to retrieve this item during consigner pick-up.

  • How do I handle recalled items?

    We cannot legally accept recalled items. Your Turn encourages consignees to check items in question. Visit our Recall page for a list of websites that will allow you to check your items.

  • What happens if one of my items is stolen or broken during a sale?

    We are not liable or responsible for any items stolen, broken, or missing during the sale.  Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

  • Can I sell without signing an agreement?

    No. To protect everyone involved both Your Turn and you, the consignee, are required to sign the agreement.

  • What delivery and/or shipping options do I have?

    At the current time, Your Turn does not offer shipping or delivery services for items purchased or sold at our pop-up sales.

How it works.

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