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The What & Why...

Not everyone has the space, time or energy for hosting a sale. Your Turn was formed to make it easy for people to shop and sell through consignment.

Do you live in a townhouse, apartment complex, or just don’t want the items any longer? Prefer to not hassle with a garage sale or bring people onto your personal property? It’s Your Turn! We host and manage in-person sales as well as manage multiple online platforms to assist the selling of items.

Shoppers win as they can find items across ALL categories in one convenient location!

We make it simple– you price and drop off your items and we manage the sale! You receive a percentage of the proceeds and items that don’t sell can be donated or returned to you at no charge.

We are passionate about the second-hand community– they know that used goods are both easy on the wallet and the environment! Our mission is to be the best second-hand sale in Minnesota!


Your Turn Founders

Our Story

Hello friends. We are John and Jessica Allaire and we are the founders of Your Turn. When we're not performing our full-time jobs as nurse and custodial director, you can find us advocating for all things second-hand! We once had a garage sale that turned into a multi-family garage sale. Over time, more and more families wanting to participate, but we very quickly outgrew our space – it was evident that people enjoyed saving money and reducing their environmental footprint just as we did. That's right, reusing and repurposing gently-used items is not only easy on the wallet, it's better for the planet!

In our mission to support the second-hand community, it was time for a larger space and a more efficient sale. It was time for Your Turn. We are excited to bring the second-hand community together and to share the pop-up garage sale experience, even during the cold winter months in Minnesota!

Our goal is to host a sale once each month in our local community with plenty of products at garage-sale prices! Not only do you have the chance to shop and sell at these events, but you'll also be able to sell at our Your Turn warehouse! You price and tag your item and we do the rest! Ship, drop-off, or request for items to be picked up. We keep it simple because, it's Your Turn!

First-class, second-hand.

Your Turn Gives Back

We value doing good. Giving back to our community is central to our beliefs and it's what we're all about. Ten percent of profits from every Your Turn sale is donated non-profits such as Saint Jude Children's Hospital, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project and a variety of Animal Rescue Centers. We are grateful for our thoughtful partners who share the value of doing good.

We hope to inspire and support our customers and stakeholders to join us in charitable donations to these or other organizations in ways that are meaningful to them.