Recalls and Prohibited Items


It is of the responsibility of the Consignee to verify items have not been recalled by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Recalls can be checked via the CPSC here. Your Turn, LLC prohibits recalled items from being sold at Your Turn, LLC sales. Where Your Turn, LLC discovers recalled item on site, the consignee will be contacted for retrieval and will be required to pick up the item within five business days. If you have any questions regarding recalled items, please contact the CPSC. If you have any questions regarding Your Turn, LLC’s policy on recalled items, please contact us.



Your Turn LLC Prohibited Items

The List below are prohibited items that we restrict selling through Your Turn LLC. Your Turn LLC. Representative can refuse any item, for any reason, at any time that they feel are prohibited. The items will be returned to owner. Any item that is illegal will be turned over to authorities.

Please review this before every sale, as items may be added!

🚫 Adult Content
🚫 Alcohol
🚫 Blinds
🚫 Campers
🚫 Cell Phones
🚫 Computers
🚫 CPAP Cleaning and Disinfecting Devices
🚫 Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents, and Gift Cards
🚫 Dietary Supplements
🚫 Drugs & drug paraphernalia
🚫 Explosives, Weapons, and Related Items
🚫 Firearms
🚫 Food Products
🚫 Furniture
🚫 Gambling & Lottery
🚫 Gas Powered equipment
🚫 Human Parts & Burial Artifacts
🚫 Items prohibited by CPSIA
🚫 Laptops
🚫 Large area rugs
🚫 Laser products
🚫 Live / Deceased Pets
🚫 Lumber
🚫 Mattresses
🚫 Medical
🚫 Medicine / Prescriptions
🚫 Opened Body Lotion / Perfume
🚫 Personal Used Hygiene Items
🚫 Plants
🚫 Recalled items by CPSC
🚫 Subscriptions and Periodicals
🚫 Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products
🚫 Used adult Undergarments.
🚫 Used Bedding or blankets
🚫 Used kitchen towels
🚫 Used pillows of any kind
🚫 Used Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care
🚫 Vehicles
🚫 VHS tapes